The Hungarian Commemorative Partisan Badge, a modified design of the Partisan Badge of 1945, was was officially created by the Council Of Ministers on December 5th, 1954. This date was picked to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Hungarian Struggle for Freedom. The first of theses badges were not produced until 1955. Less than 7000 of these badges were produced. This badge was awarded to members of the Hungarian Partisans Association, for special merit during the Horthy era and Nazi occupation. Some badges were also awarded to foreigners who helped the partisans.


This badge originally had a gold wash, but much of the gold finish has been lost to time. It comes with it's original box but unfortunately not the miniature badge. It is serialized on the reverse, 3,981. Nice affordable example of this relatively scarce badge. 40.2 mm x 41.8 mm

Hungarian Commemorative Partisan Badge (Cased)

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